DJI application activation process

DJI has introduced a new application activation process. If being used in China, DJI aircraft firmware require mobile applications that control DJI aircraft to be activated with the user's DJI account. This will ensure operators to use correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for their aircraft, as determined by their geographical location and user profile.

A summary of the activation system is:
• Users in China are required to activate their application by logging into their DJI account at least once every three months within the application

• Activation will be persistent in the application until the user logs out

• A data connection will require to log into a DJI account. When launching UgCS for DJI application a DJI authentication pop-up window will be displayed - provide DJI account credentials to be sent to DJI (DJI account credentials are not stored in UgCS for DJI).

• Additionally, users in China are required to bind their aircraft to their user account in DJI Go. This is required only once

• Outside of China, the application will activate automatically without requiring user to log in.

If an application is not activated, the aircraft not bound (if required) or UgCS for DJI prior to version 2.6 is used - all camera live streams will be disabled, and flight will be limited to a cylinder of 100m diameter and 30m height to ensure the aircraft stays within line of sight.
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